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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has three easy ways to stop the spread of COVID-19

  • Wear a mask to stop the transmission of the disease 
  • Stay six feet apart from others when out in public 
  • Avoid large crowds or gatherings 

We should all do our part to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. Continue to follow all public health guidelines, wash your hands frequently, and disinfect surfaces. 

Visit the CDC website to learn more about how to protect yourself and others. 

The state of Georgia is currently administering COVID-19 vaccines in Phase 1a+. Those eligible for a vaccine include: 

  • Healthcare workers (physicians, nurses, laboratory technicians, EMS personnel, environmental services, etc.)
  • Residents and staff of long-term care facilities
  • Adults aged 65+ and their caregivers
  • Law enforcement, firefighters, first responders

Vaccine supplies are incredibly limited and you must have an appointment to receive a vaccine. 

The Georgia Department of Public Health has more information about where to receive a vaccine here

If you would like to schedule a free COVID-19 test, please visit the following links for testing locations in your county: 

For more information about COVID-related resources contact our offices